Alistair & Milena

My wife and I could not be happier with our experience with Andrei, from our first interaction and planning meeting with him through to the all important final result - the photos! 

Andrei was professional as well as highly approachable and easy-going. Notwithstanding a piece of bad luck in the morning of the wedding (his car window had been put through) Andrei was very well balanced and  adapted well to the changing situations throughout the day. He was very good at being in all the right places at the right times and required very little direction. 

His manner with all guests and especially the wedding party was fantastic and he blended in well. Through his presence and quiet confidence, he made the day easier and more enjoyable as the photos were one less thing to worry about. 

The end results exceeds our expectations and we are very happy with the memories he recorded for us of our big day. We would thoroughly recommend him.

Tania & Mircea

It is a great pleasure for us to express our highest appreciation for Andrei’s work at our wedding.

We came in contact with Andrei without being very familiar with his previous photographs, but rather we had the chance of meeting him in person at a wedding fair and, already at a first encounter, his professionalism and elegant attitude stood out as very convincing. Very quickly thereafter, seeing his work in detail, the spontaneous scenes in his portfolio and the quality of the print work made it clear that his vision was the one that most attracted us out of all other photographers we had seen.

Now, after having seen our final photographs dozens of times, we continue to enjoy, relive the exciting moments and laugh like crazy at the funny scenes of the day while ever appreciating the way Andrei has so masterfully captured them all. He invested effort in trying to figure out what was important to us before the wedding, taking notes of our opinions or bringing up for discussion other many potential ideas that we had not even given a thought to before, but that he knew from experience. 

During the wedding Andrei integrated very well and interacted with our guests, making them feel extremely at ease - a long time after the event we still heard nice remarks about him from our guests. Even after the photo shoot, he continued to stay in touch and adjusted the editing of the photos according to our preferences.

The static details that he carefully photographed, but, most of all, the dynamic emotions, energetic dances and the many face expressions that were caught on his camera or on photo booth altogether give a very strong impression of our wedding day and make it great to watch! After seeing the video recordings, we now know that all of those captures are the result of Andrei’s polite and enjoyable conversations with our guests or speed running and squeezing through any opening that would give him the best perspective on the scene!   

It was fun to have him as our photographer and we are very grateful for his work!

Ekta & Chris

We think the showcase photo of ours next to this review is a perfect example of how Andrei has done such a fantastic job at capturing the best moments of our wedding. The emotions and smiles on everyone's faces in the photos he took are worth a million bucks. 

As with any Indian wedding there was a bit of chaos but that didn't phase Andrei! The organisation with Andrei were simple and efficient; we communicated by Skype and e-mails. He turned up on time on both days of the wedding and he stayed till the very end on the last day :) 

Our guests loved him too and his method of 2 cm to the left or right had people laughing! We'd easily recommend him to any friend eyes closed :)

Manuela & Andrea ( Lake Como - Italy )

Andrei è stato il fotografo dei nostri sogni. 

Volevamo che tutto fosse perfetto: la cerimonia, la chiesa, il ristorante, l’intrattenimento dei nostri ospiti. Avevamo contattato una dozzina di studi fotografici, ma nessuno si avvicinava a come ci immaginavamo le nostre foto. 

Una volta contattato, perché vedevamo nel suo portfolio online molte tracce per il nostro servizio fotografico ideale, lui ci ha dedicato diverse ore via Skype discutendo che cosa avevamo in mente e guardando molti stili differenti. Alla vigilia del grande giorno, dopo essere arrivato con un volo dopo mezzanotte, Andrei si è seduto ancora con la sposa, fotografa pure lei e filmmaker, per rivedere tutti i dettagli artistici.  

Il risultato è stato strepitoso e siamo felicissimi del suo lavoro!

Dipal & Lewis

Natural perfection

Andrei is a very focused and calm photographer who has captured so many wonderful moments of our wedding day.

There were lots of photos that made me wonder, 'how on earth did he get that shot?!' simply because I didn't always see him.

If you're after candid photography without forcing everyone to pose then pick this guy and let him do his thing.

Andrei, we love all the work you have done on our wedding day and we have received so many positive responses from friends & family.

We sincerely wish you the very best in the future. Thank you! 

Rebecca & Jai

From the moment we met Andrei, we knew we wanted him to photograph our wedding day. His calm and composed manner, his passion and love for photography was clear to see. Andrei spent a lot of time with us before our wedding, both in person and via email, so he could truly understand what we were looking for – someone who was able to naturally and seamlessly fit in to our day, and be a part of the celebrations in order to capture the atmosphere and feelings of the day. It was very important to us that we felt relaxed with Andrei as he spent a lot of the morning with our family and closest friends and was, therefore, present to witness our personal moments.

Andrei was not overbearing at any point during the day; he was exceptionally easy to work with and was continually taking photos, adapting to whatever we wanted or were doing. We had discussed in detail what we wanted beforehand but on the day Andrei was very adaptable and took any last minute changes or requests in his stride. We only had to turn our heads and before we said a word, Andrei was there ready to take the impromptu shots.

In total, we had three wedding events –two Sikh events and one civil ceremony. Despite having taken thousands of photos for us over these three days, Andrei provided the final photos within 4 weeks of the events, having selected and edited the best. The quality of these images was outstanding and Andrei had managed to capture the emotion, celebrations and fun of each occasion. The natural and relaxed feel of the pictures really showcased the personalities of our guests and captured our day perfectly.

When we first met Andrei, he was our wedding photographer. By the end of our wedding, he was one of our guests.

Chrissy & David

Andrei was our wedding photographer and he did a fantastic job. In the hectic days of planning the wedding, the fact that he responded very promptly to our email queries was invaluable. 

He was extremely professional and courteous and made both us and our guests feel completely at ease. As a consequence, he managed to deliver a sequence of very spontaneous and natural photographs. He went the extra mile, both literally (as he travelled over 50 miles to get to our wedding venue) and figuratively, working tirelessly during the ceremony and reception. 

Within a couple of weeks, he emailed us a link to the photos which were all of excellent quality. There was no copyright associated with the photos and they were easily downloadable. We are very happy with Andrei's photography and would strongly recommend him to our friends.

Tamara & Maaz

Before finding Andrei I had looked at hundreds of websites, all promising amazing services, and years of expertise. But each time I would go to their wedding pictures, I would always find something I didn't like. Either they'd be too posed, or the lighting would be off, or it would be a picture of a bride from 10 metres away.

I found myself gasping at Andrei's work, wondering if this was real and that I wasn't dreaming. He had managed to capture EXACTLY what I had been looking for! Natural, true love and happiness all in one image. I thought it may be too good to be true. I worried that there would be a hangup, and then we met, and all my worries disappeared. Andrei asked many questions to make sure he knew exactly what we wanted, even asking us if we would like him to put in ideas too.

On the day he was so professional and worked until he was happy with the images himself. I was so worried that when I'd come to looking at the images, we wouldn't compare to the couples on his website. But as I went through each picture I fell more and more in love with them, and all our friends and family were laughing and smiling at all the beautiful and hilarious moments Andrei captured. All you have to do is look at the images on Andrei's website and they can do all the talking.

Andrei is a calming presence, making us feel comfortable throughout, and adapting to all our needs as we are Middle Eastern. I could not recommend him enough.

Clive & Julie

As a photographer myself, surrendering control to someone else on the most important picture-day of all was not an easy thing to do, but a selfie wedding shoot would be a bit strange, wouldn’t it? So I made my choice carefully and we’re extremely happy with the results.

Andrei has vision and style - having long since mastered shooting technicalities, he’s free to express this. It's more than just a photo shoot. It’s not just about what’s in the frame, it’s that you can sense the movement, and feel the atmosphere. It puts you right back in the moment.

He’s just an all-around really good guy. Actually one of the rare few photographers who are properly qualified, he’s very talented behind the camera. Extremely polite and open to suggestion, he knows how to work with people - he was as much one of the guests as the photographer, which opens people up and results in great shots taken of them. He’s like a photo ninja - lots of yoga-like poses, he gets right into the action when necessary although never in the way.

You worked very hard all weekend on this Andrei, not to mention the post-production work. A job incredibly well executed, we’re honestly delighted with the whole experience and the end result. Wouldn’t change a thing. The pictures speak for themselves and we’re really grateful. Cheers!

Clive & Julie

Yulia & Garrie

It is a challenge now to find the right words to really express how amazing Andrei's work is. His photography is very natural, creative and there is a sense of beauty and emotion in every shot. 

Andrei is a very nice and positive person to be around, all our friends and family felt so comfortable around him (even my mum who does not like to be photographed!). When people observe Andrei working it always feels that it is so easy, however I really understand how hard he works to get these great results! 

Andrei has incredible attention to details, in advance to our wedding he met with us to discuss how we see our wedding to get a sense of style/ atmosphere/ people. I also had this idea of a slide show for the morning after the wedding and he worked with me on the format, music, credits, etc. and I could not believe how great the result was when we looked at this slides, he really did create a little movie in such a short period of time - everybody was so impressed! 

I loved all the pictures! If you found him, don't think, you are very lucky to have found an amazing photographer who will make a difference to your day and capture your memories with such beauty!

Hanane & Kamel   ( Toulon - France )

A l'occasion de notre mariage célébré à Toulon, Nous n'avons pas hésité à choisir Andrei en tant que photographe.

Son site internet confirme son talent et sa passion pour la photographie.
Andrei nous a suivi tout au long des festivités, a su capter les émotions et les moments les plus importants pour nous.

Andrei a su être à l'écoute de nos besoins tout en nous suggérant ses idées de professionnel qu'il est.
Notre mariage s'est déroulé dans le partage, la joie et la bonne humeur et ceci grâce en partie au travail et à la personnalité d'Andrei.

Je recommande vivement Andrei pour les mariages occidentaux comme orientaux.

Merci Andrei! 

Nathalie & Edwin

Edwin and I are not the best models. We aren’t static and don’t pose enough. We needed a photographer that could capture the essence of our happiness whilst making us look good and in the moment. Andrei did this for us.

We searched a while looking at photographers libraries to identify their individual styles and techniques. We fell in love with Andrei’s work and website.
As an ex-accountant, I could see in his work the rigour and hard work he has put in his career change. Art can be found everywhere and his work certainly touched the happy couple but also our families and friends, who were very impressed by both the quantity and the quality of his pictures.

It certainly isn’t just about capturing two people getting married. It’s capturing the moment, the venue, contrasting the summer colours of Chiswick Park, full of greens and blues, with the joyous colours of dresses and suits worn by the guests.
Andrei interacted well with all our guests and he will not hesitate to ask the models to ‘move 5 cm to the right’ …. Pictures have to be perfectly balanced and it certainly pays off! He plays with various cameras, explores contrasts and plays with textures and colours.

During the event, we distributed his card with a link to our private library with the future password. His website/library is very user-friendly. Guests were able to view, download and print their favourite pictures 3 weeks post the celebration, at no extra cost. They loved it. He kindly also helped me create the photo albums. They look fabulous and at a reasonable price.

We will certainly recommend and use him again for all kinds of events.
Many thanks, Andrei! 

Thanks to your work and wishing you all the best,

Nathalie & Edwin 

Rachel & Nico

Andrei has a wonderful presence, from the first moment we met Andrei we felt content and happy. 

His calm approach to his work is an endearing and beautiful quality to have as a photographer. Andrei was very accommodating for us throughout the planning process, we only had three months to plan our wedding. Yet having the comfort and confidence from Andrei, made our choice of photographer easy. From researching many photographers and being an ex-photographer myself, after looking at his work and meeting him there was no question of doubt he was definitely what we were looking for. 

His unique style of work was perfect. Andrei captured breathtaking moments that we will treasure for the rest of our lives and never forget. 

Andrei was highly complimented by all of our guests on how hard working and dedicated he was through the whole day. Many guests complimented his polite and charming manner towards everyone. 

The Photo Booth was also a hit with our guests, a great fun addition to our wedding photo collection. All our guests received instant prints with a printed messaged from my husband and me. 

In addition to being wonderful and professional on the day, the turn around speed of delivery of our photos was exceptional. Even with the additional pressure of our wedding being during the busy festive period, we received high-quality beautiful images very shortly after, a lot quicker than we expected. 

For this and everything about the day we highly recommend Andrei Kertesz, with his work he generates a beautiful story, whatever yours may be. We cannot thank Andrei enough for giving us our treasured memories to have forever. 

Thank you for being a part of our special day!

Kuli & Craig

We always knew from the day we first met Andrei we would love to have you as our photographer.

Andrei is an amazing photographer, he got to know us before our wedding so we felt really comfortable with him on the day. On the morning of our wedding, he took some stunning pictures and made us relaxed. He also gave us lots of advice on timings before the day and also on the morning of the wedding with regard to what order to get ready and when to be ready for. Andrei made the effort to have all our photos edited and back to us digitally within given timescales. We have so much faith and confidence in him and were so pleased with our choice of photography from both a personal and professional point of view.

Andrei is the most amazing photographer. He was perfect on the day, professional, kind, calming and discreet. He captured every moment of the day and each photo tells a story. His photographs are beautiful and the quality outstanding. We cannot praise his work enough or thank him enough for giving us the opportunity to be taken back to the most special day in our lives just by looking at his photographs.

We could not have asked for a more committed, professional and talented wedding photographer than Andrei . He is clearly an extremely talented photographer and works incredibly hard to maintain and improve his skill. He is always looking to get the very best shots for his bride/groom. He was the ultimate professional on our wedding day and managed to achieve the most perfect photos. His service before and after our wedding was also faultless. We couldn’t recommend him highly enough. If you are looking for a photographer to capture the true essence and feeling of your wedding day, then look no further…Andrei Kertesz is your man!

Thank you so much for capturing the hearts, emotions and images of our families and friends on our very special wedding day! We are absolutely delighted with all the photographs taken. They are stunning and gave us the opportunity to relive our wedding day all over again! When we first saw our wedding pictures we were simply blown away, you really did capture the day perfectly. We loved the fact that the photographs were not all ‘staged’ and that you managed to catch our guests unaware, resulting in natural smiles and poses.

Your reputation precedes you. You are hardworking, professional and provide a first class service throughout. Thanks again so much for everything Andrei, you are such a lovely guy and we are so pleased we got to share our special day with you.

Love Kuli and Craig

Leanne & Neil

Myself and my husband would like to say a massive thank you to Andrei for such wonderful photos from our wedding. If you wish to have natural photos taken of your big day or special occasion then Andrei will ensure these are taken.

Throughout our day we didn't even notice Andrei was there and looking back now at the selection it's amazing to see he captured every moment. His eye to detail was fantastic and we are overjoyed with the result! 

I would say to any couple that are about to tie the knot is that the day flies by however you get to relive the special day through your photos! 

Angela & Kevin

I met Andrei at the wedding of a very good friend of mine. As soon as I saw the photos he took, I decided we must have him as a photographer at our wedding, which was only a couple of months away. We had a small, intimate wedding and we were looking for natural photos, nothing too cheesy or too staged. And Andrei did just that and did it brilliantly by capturing the best moments of the day. 

Andrei has a great eye; he is professional, talented, patient, and passionate. He can certainly capture any moment / event in your life, not just a wedding, as you can see from his website. We are extremely pleased with our wedding photos, and all our friends and wedding guests were so impressed when they saw them. We just had them printed as well and they look fabulous. 

Thank you, Andrei, for shooting our wedding, and we highly recommend him to anyone who wants to treasure their wedding photos for the rest of their lives.

Nadine & Ali

Andrei is amazing as he has a great eye for detail and took memorable shots focusing on what we wanted which was people's expressions and beautiful moments. 

He is punctual and very professional. He was with us throughout our civil ceremony and wedding reception, talking to people and getting them to interact so he could manage to get the best smiles and reactions. 

Thank you, Andrei :)

Emii & Otto

First of all, his work is flawless. The experience offered by Andrei was by far the most pleasant and relaxing shoot. Andrei is chatty, with a kind smile, and a thoughtful person. 

Highly recommended, as his work is precise and well done.

Victoria & Kevin

We felt the most comfortable with Andrei (far above all the other photographers we spoke to). He explained everything so well and put our minds at ease from the first time we spoke with him. 

We knew immediately that he has a real passion for what he does and made some brilliant yet original suggestions as to what he hoped to achieve for us on the big day, we were impressed. 

He arrived early and made everyone feel comfortable, working incredibly hard taking shots of the entire service and reception, capturing all these special moments on camera, (now we have them to remember our special day with thanks to Andrei). At the reception, everyone commented how hardworking and professional Andrei was.

We would happily and with great confidence recommend Andrei to all our friends and family without hesitation.

Millie & Tomi

Andrei was just the photographer we needed given that our wedding was all planned in just under 6 months and everything was put together in a rush. We wanted a photographer who is organised, has a passion for photography and one who would just come on our wedding day, take into account that our guests will be excited and get on with it!

When we started searching for a photographer, we agreed that we were not going to go for photographers who charge more than we could afford. We read lots of blogs and took the common advice from most newly-weds who agreed that paying a fortune for wedding photography was not necessary but rather get someone with a real passion for photography who is not doing it just for the money. We went online and searched for a photographer based on that.

We stumbled on Andrei’s website during our online searches and we contacted him right away. We arranged to meet. From the initial meeting, we found Andrei easy to talk to. We liked the fact that he did not impose anything but rather a good listener. We found him professional and we were provided with our contract promptly.

A day prior to our wedding, we had a chat with Andrei and discussed all the final details. We were able to make last minute changes without any fuss. On our wedding day, Andrei arrived early. The make-up company had sent along a make-up lady and a photographer who would put together a slideshow as a surprise for the bride. This was not a problem for Andrei as he managed to adjust and work alongside another photographer and produced beautiful photos for the bride getting ready.

Our photos were ready within the 6 weeks as promised. We liked the fact that he provided us with lots of photos to choose from and we chose the ones we liked to be in our gallery. Overall, were very pleased to see that he had captured all our guests beautifully!

We recommend Andrei to anyone who is looking for someone with a good eye for detail and who loves photography! 

Terrie & Oli

Andrei photographed our wedding day on the 17th September 2016. From the moment that we first contacted him, he was responsive and always on hand to alleviate any queries or concerns that we had about the upcoming day. 

On the day itself, Andrei was punctual and integrated into our family set up perfectly. He read the situation well and certainly captured the essence of the day in his photographs. Andrei went above and beyond that day and took what seemed like thousands of pictures. 

As well as working long hours throughout the day, he also set up his photo booth in the evening. He set the screen up in the hall and our guests were able to see themselves on the 'big-screen'. It gave everyone such a laugh and really topped off the day. 

Andrei worked from early hours of the morning until the small hours of the night. He was just wonderful to have around and put everyone at ease. We would highly recommend having Andrei photograph your wedding, he takes beautiful pictures and goes above and beyond his call of duty. 

Thank you so very much, Andrei - Terrie and Oli

Charlene & Courtney

Andrei, it was a pleasure having you as our photographer at our wedding! 

You stayed longer than was necessary to capture our special day & all the little specials moments. 

Thank you for all your hard work!

Charlene & Courtney 

Lili & Stuart

Through Andrei's exceptional talent in capturing a wedding's unique and atmospheric moments with such style and precision, he has gifted us the true essence of our most memorable day, images which will endure with us forever.

Adina & Ionut

We are so grateful to Andrei for our wedding photography. We could not be happier with our finished photos.

Right from our first meeting Andrei made us feel completely comfortable and showed genuine interest in our ideas and plans for the big day. 

All our friends and family had lots of fun with the photo booth and the fact that they had props to choose from. We were able to give our guests a printed memory from our wedding and it was very appreciated. 

Andrei is an extremely talented photographer, he used the light and the surrounding to take marvellous pictures. He was able to capture our movements, not just the still moments.
He was very discrete during our wedding, and always being able to capture the best moments.

I would never hesitate to recommend him to anybody.

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