What to expect

Step 1

If you like what you see on this website, the portfolio, the reviews, and the detailing of the service, please get in touch, and let's check if I am available on your wedding day.


07834 604 365

Step 2

Once it is confirmed that I am available on your wedding day, we can arranged to have a chat, either in person, or over the telephone, or a video call, to discuss further details. You will be able to ask any questions, and we will go over your vision for the Big Day, your requirements and expectations, as well as further details regarding the way I provide the photography services. If you feel you need to see more images, I will send you further galleries to view, so you can get a better idea of the type of pictures you are likely to receive.

Step 3

If our in depth discussion goes well and you are happy with the details, we can go ahead and book the date. In order to complete the booking, we would agree a contract, and transfer a deposit of 50% of the total fee, so I can confidently turn away anyone else enquiring about the same date.

Step 4

A few days before the wedding, we will go through the detailed plan for the day. Together we will decide exactly how to proceed in order to organise the Confetti Shot, the group shots, couple's shots, etc. I will also give you tips and advice on how to turn out well in your wedding photos.

Step 5

Enjoying the Big Day!

Step 6

Within 3 days of the Big Day, you will receive 25 preview images, so you can post to Social Media  asap ;)

Step 7

Within 3 weeks of the Big Day, you will receive all of the edited images, in an elegant online gallery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you watermark your images?

I do not watermark the images I deliver to couples.

Do you shoot mostly in black and white?

I initially deliver all images edited in colour. Then a selection of these we can edit in black and white as well, as picked by you. You get to keep both the colour, and the black and white versions.

How long is your all day coverage?

All day coverage starts 2 hours before the ceremony, and ends 1 hour after the first dance.

Are you insured?

I am insured. I have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance.

What payment methods do you offer?

You can choose to pay via bank transfer ( preferred ), or Paypal, Revolut, Monzo, Credit Card, Debit Card, or Cash.

Do you bring backup equipment? Just in case there is a fault or something with the camera.

Every bit of equipment has backup: I use 2 cameras, 5 lenses, 6 flashes, countless batteries and memory cards. Each camera shoots on two memory cards simultaneously in order to back up. Then once I arrive home, all of the images get copied onto my computer, and then backed up on two different external hard drives as well. I am really careful to avoid any risk in this respect.

Is there a charge for your travel?

No additional charge for travel, if the location is in London or the Home Counties. If the location is more remote, there will be a small fee, and I am confident we can come to an agreement.

The venue we have booked: have you ever worked there before? If not, would you be able to meet at the venue to discuss shots with us?

There are many thousands of wedding venues in and around London, and although I photographed two or three times at some of them, at many of them I have not shot at all. We can visit the venue beforehand, if you prefer. We could have our face-to-face meeting at the venue, and at the same time scout the angles and locations for pictures.

What happens if you are unavailable on the day? For example, you fall ill. Do you have standby support?

If for some reason I cannot make it on the day, I have a few wedding photographer friends who I can ask to step in. This is every wedding photographer's backup plan.

Can we also request certain shots?

I am very flexible and my main aim is to have a satisfied couple in the end, so yes, you can request any shots you desire.

Do you require a meal at the wedding?

If a meal is offered, that would be great. If not, that absolutely fine. I can easily pack a lunch.

Do you work alone? If so are you able to bring another photographer? If this is the case would there be an additional charge?

I normally work alone, and I can bring along a second photographer if required. It would cost me £300 to bring a good photographer on the day and I would have to pass the cost on to you.

How many weddings have you shot?

To date I have shot 190 weddings and I expect to shoot 45 more in the next 12 months.

What is your photography style and working style?

My photography style has been described by clients and others as "natural". I like to capture spontaneous moments and real emotions. Of course, I take the formal shots as well, like group shots, and the couple's portraits. For couple's portraits, I try to evaluate the mood and get people to relax if necessary with a joke, changing poses, locations, and other tricks of the trade.

In terms of working style: on the day I am totally immersed in order to feel the energy of the day, tune in to people's emotions and get inspired. I love photographing a wedding and I put a lot of energy into it. Past clients have commented on my work rate. Please have a look-see through the Kind Words section.

Is it ok for our guests to also take photos?

No problem at all if the guests want to take photos.

How would you be dressed on the day?

I normally wear a short sleeved shirt, chino trousers and boat shoes - I have to strike a balance between loking smart and being comfortable. Upon request, I can of course put on a formal suit.

Do you do a pre-wedding shoot?

Absolutely we could arrange to have a pre wedding shoot. Such a shoot would normally take around 2-3 hours, and result in around 100 images.

To find out more, please email me at Andrei@MomentsLikeThese.co.uk

or call / text  07834 604 365

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