Photo Booth

I have my own very exciting and popular Photo Booth concept:

>    I install one of my professional cameras on a tripod, facing the dance floor usually but can be different. There is nice lighting via a studio umbrella on a light stand. There are props like hats, funny glasses, and wigs. The remote control of the camera goes to the guests. As the background to the image is the reception itself, there is no limit to the number of people that can be in any one shot. 

>    Once the photo is taken, the image is projected on a screen and this makes it entertaining for the entire reception. Guests are encouraged to take multiple shots, and then they, together with the photo booth operator pick the best one of the series to print. 

>    The prints are postcard size 10/15 cm. A watermark message from the couple can be added. If you like you could have 2 copies of each image printed and ask guests to paste one copy in a guest book. The edited digital images are delivered electronically after the event.

>    Guests can also connect to the printers via Wifi, from their mobile phones in order to print the images they have taken with their phone on the day - works best with iphones. No extra charge.

>    The price for this photo booth service, including the operator pay and consumables is £400 for up to 6 hours.
This system is extremely popular every time it is deployed.

Please see some high-resolution sample photo booth images here. Notice the great clarity and the beautiful studio style lighting.

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